Get the Value Mix: on Amazon or on Leanpub (in PDF)

The Value Mix - Guerric de Ternay

The Value Mix is my new book about innovation and marketing. 📚

It helps you achieve two things:

– Understand better what your customers want;
– Build a product that creates value for them.

Written for entrepreneurs, marketers, and innovation and product managers.

(Complementary to the lean startup and design thinking methods.)

Get the Value Mix: on Amazon or on Leanpub (in PDF)

A book for practitioners

The Value Mix is based on real-world experience.

It’s not just for reading, it’s for doing.

Here’s what a reader sent me:

“I think it is a very good book to read it not only once but many times so it can be used as a guide to not loose the focus on what is important.” — Paul W., Account Manager

Indeed, I wrote this book with the end user in mind. You! Someone who has the challenging role of creating a product that people will buy.

So it’s definitely for you if you are:

  • An entrepreneur,
  • A product manager,
  • An innovation manager,
  • A brand manager,
  • An innovation or strategy consultant,
  • A marketer.

Get the Value Mix: on Amazon or on Leanpub (in PDF)

Why this book matters?

Creating and launching a new product or a business is difficult.

That’s because there are a lot of uncertainties.

It’s inherent to the process of making something new. Since it’s new, we don’t know if it’ll work. And the hard truth is that it may not work.

Fortunately, in recent years, the management literature has given us methods: new ways of approaching the innovation process. To you, the words “lean startup”, “design thinking”, and “customer development” must sound familiar.

These are great innovation methods!

But something is missing.

Here’s the important thing…

Even by following these methods, you’re still missing a key element of your innovation journey.

..a tool that helps you create a new value proposition.

  • How do you turn market data into insight?
  • How can you communicate your product strategy to your team?
  • What’s the most undervalued design framework?
  • What are the elements you must keep in mind to make sure you are creating value for your customers?

These are the questions you can answer thanks to The Value Mix.

The book is sharp.

A quick, but useful read.

75 pages about creating meaningful propositions for your customers.

Get the Value Mix: on Amazon or on Leanpub (in PDF)