Exploding Topics vs. Glimpse: Which one to choose?

In this article, I want to compare two leading trend-spotting websites:

  • Exploding Topics
  • Glimpse

Let me try to help you choose between those two tools that you can use to identify emerging trends.

What are emerging trends websites?

For me, trend-spotting websites are a great tool when you’re trying to identify new opportunities for your business.

Trend discovery model - Glimpse
Those websites are great to pick up trending topics, as well as changes of what’s in fashion (Glimpse)

They give you access to a huge amount of insight for a very affordable price.

Here’s how they work:

  • They collect and analyse data such as consumer behaviour, search queries, and social media interactions.
  • This helps them to uncover trends before they get under anyone’s radar.
  • As a result, they provide curated lists or in-depth analysis of emerging trends.

Some emerging trends focus on specific industries (e.g. consumer goods, healthcare) and others cover a broader range of topics.

Trend discovery model - Exploding Topics
You can use these kinds of websites to discover emerging trends (Exploding Topics)

Those websites are commonly used by entrepreneurs and investors. They use them to stay ahead of the curve, spot new opportunities, and capitalize on emerging trends in their industries.

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What’s Exploding Topics?

Exploding Topics is a trend-spotting tool that detects trending topics across various niches and industries.

Exploding Topics - Spotting website
Exploding Topics is one of the top trend-spotting websites

I see Exploding Topics as Google Keyword Planner, but turbocharged.

At the heart, the tool uses data from search engines. For each trending topic, you can see a graph with historical search volume and growth over the past 3-5 years.

Techwear trend - Exploding Topics
Exploding Topics gives you an overview chart of how the trend evolves over time

But the team says that they also rely on other sources of data, including online conversations, mentions, podcasts, and Amazon keywords.

Emerging trends - Exploding Topics
Exploding Topics allows you to dive into a wide range of themes

What I also like is the Exploding Topics free newsletter. Every week, the team send you a shortlist of trending topics. (You can subscribe here.) All of this, for free.

In summary:

One-liner: We surface rapidly growing topics before they take off
Pricing: $39/month
Website: https://explodingtopics.com/

What’s Glimpse?

Glimpse (also known as “Meet Glimpse”) is a data analytics tool gives you a view of rapidly growing trends.

Glimpse - Trend-spotting website
I’ve used Glimpse to spot emerging trends before they become mainstream

You can filter those trends by Products, Companies, or Industries.

Their tool is an absolute game-changer. It allows you to save so much time, and gives you insight you couldn’t have got with free tools like Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner.

Two trend-spotting products - Glimpse
Glimpse offers two products: one to see reports, and one to dive into the data

For that, they have two products:

  1. Trend reports based on hundreds of millions of consumer behaviour signals (from social networks such a Reddit or Twitter) to surface important and fast-growing trends
  2. Google Trends Supercharged, a Chrome extension that makes to Google Trends 100x powerful by adding enriched data and insights

Glimpse prides itself for surfacing things you haven’t heard of before.

Emerging trend - Bamboo Pyjamas - Glimpse
Glimpse gives you a great double-click view of emerging trends

And I can say, it’s seriously impressive stuff.

Also, in recent updates, the team added new features like instant alerts and more data sources. The smarter tech behind the scenes helps with early identification of trends and it increases certainty around whether a trend will continue to rise.

In summary:

One-liner: Stay ahead of the trends as the world changes
Pricing: $29/month
Website: https://meetglimpse.com/

Exploding Topic vs. Glimpse

Exploding Topics and Glimpse have some similarities but also some key differences:

Exploding Topics:

  • Focuses on detecting trending topics using search volume.
  • Provides a constantly updated list of trending topics, including related exploding trends and growth values.
  • Offers a free weekly newsletter with expert insights and analysis on trending topics.


  • Analyses consumer behaviour signals to surface important and fast-growing trends that are under the radar.
  • Provides a monthly report that covers trends with long-term momentum.
  • Gives you flexibility to explore the data by using their Chrome extension to get additional insight from Google Trends
  • Offers instant alerts for rapidly growing trends that have taken off in a matter of weeks.
  • Has increased data source coverage across its focus categories, including social, shopping, media, entertainment, search, and purchases.

Which to choose?

Exploding Topics is the easiest tool to use. It’s a large database of trending topics. So, you just need to browse and enjoy!

Using Glimpse is more hands-on. But! It will give you so much more insight. If you’re after nuances or untapped opportunities, I’d say that Glimpse is the tool that you should use.

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Going deeper into uncovering trends and opportunities

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