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The Team Charter - Book cover

In The Team Charter, I explore the power of people-first leadership. 📚

This isn’t your average project management book about budgeting and workflows.

Instead, this book is a guide for those who want to lead, inspire, and cultivate a positive team culture that delivers greater results.

This book has been carefully written to be applicable to your day-to-day. It follows the stages of a project to help you drive exceptional performance, from kick-off to deliverables.

Become the team lead everyone wants to work with.

Get The Team Charter now on Leanpub

Why this book matters today?

People-first leadership is increasingly critical to achieving success in today’s fast-paced, complex, and hypercompetitive business environment.

With the rise of remote work and artificial intelligence, it is more important than ever for team leads to be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to lead and inspire their teams.

What’s in the book

Unlike project management books that focus on budget and processes, The Team Charter embraces a more human-centric approach by offering advice on how to not just manage, but truly lead and inspire your team.

Filled with useful insights and real stories from the trenches, this book provides you with a blueprint for guiding your team members to achieve unparalleled success.

Here, my ambition is to share a few tricks with you!

What you’ll learn

In The Team Charter, you’ll learn the following:

  • The seven characteristics of great teamwork
  • How to build a positive team culture from the start of your project
  • Strategies for inspiring and motivating your team members
  • How to foster better communication in your team
  • Techniques for managing and resolving conflicts within teams
  • How to sustain the performance of your team throughout the project

This is a useful book that will help you to be the team lead that unleash the full potential of their teams.

Filled with real stories from the trenches

It’s been two and half years in the making, talking to dozens of consultants and team leads to uncover the challenges they’ve faced and the characteristics of the teams they’ve enjoyed working with.

Unlike the majority of leadership books that offer vague insights with little practicality, The Team Charter takes you step-by-step through a project’s journey, giving you advice you can apply from the kick-off all the way to the deliverables.

Get The Team Charter now on Leanpub