Supporting LBS Alumni Ventures [Christmas Gifts for 2018]

(Last Updated On: 11 December 2018)

Hey there!

Here’s a list of ventures started by London Business School alumni.

They all offer products that can be great Christmas gifts

So if you’re still looking for Christmas gifts and you’re keen on supporting entrepreneurship, have a browse:

CompanyProductsLBS AlumniProgramme
Baudoin & LangeshoesBo van Langeveld MiM2015
System of MotionshirtsPrabha RathinasabapathyMBA2015
Blackwood + GoudronBlancaccessories + t-shirtsGuerric de TernayMiM2015
Esin Akan Londonluxury handbagsEsin Akan EMBALJ2013
Turquoise Mountainethical jewelryShoshana StewartMBA2013
Mori Baby Clothesbaby clothingCameron Miller MBA2012
Lark & BerryjewelleryLaura Chavez MBA2017
Digby WineswineTrevor Clough MBA2005
Difference Coffee CompanycoffeeAmir Gehl ELP02
My Kingdom Bookschildren booksAmile Samarakoon EMBAG2016
Shaplandgolf productsHenry RowlandMBA2015
Hello Freshfood (gift cards)Thomas Griesel MiM2010
Beanberry Coffee CompanycoffeeEdward Grace MBA1997
Rise Artart workMarcos Steverlynck MBA2007
Latitu°bagsThanh Pham MiM2015
Tea Rebelliontea Annabel Kalmar MBA2007
Truly Experiencesgift experiencesJack Huang MBA2009
GroovyHomefurnitureKunj Shah MiFPT2010
Bumpermatbaby playmatPam LiuMiF2011
Whisk Awayweekend tripsBhavik Vora
Saba Ahmed
Jeanette Smerin
eWilldigital willVishnu TejaMBA2017
QuadsawDIY toolUri MeirovichMBA2012
To Home From Londonhandcrafted souvenirsIgnacio MartínezMBA2015
Prettlybeauty servicesRhea Papanicolaou-FrangistaMBA2013
VitaspiritVictor Ruiz LafitaMBA2018
Victoria RagnascarvesFelipe FalcaoMiF2017
TartesiajewelryBorja BrenaMBA2013
IDenprinted t-shirtsAkshay Mishra
Dhayvat Udeshi
Label Anarchyprinted t-shirtsIgor KononkoMBA2003
KidSitterbabysitting (gift cards)Faisal LaljeeEMBAG2014


Christmas is coming soon.

As an entrepreneur who runs two sustainable fashion brands (Blackwood and GoudronBlanc), this is an important (and busy) moment.

Here’s the idea I got:

– What if our alumni community could support the entrepreneurial spirit of some of our members?

– What if we had a list of all the LBS alumni entrepreneurs who run ventures that sell products that are suitable as Christmas gifts so we can support them? (And also have good inspiration for Christmas.)

The Idea:

We all want to find great gifts for the people we love.

So why not buy gifts from ventures started by LBS alumni to support entrepreneurship at LBS?

This is a great way to recognise and reward bravery, innovation, and leadership.

What to do: Find the perfect Christmas gifts

I reached to the School to source a list of ventures that offer products that can be great Christmas gifts.

The whole list is available here.

If you are still looking for Christmas gifts, have a look at the list. You may find great ideas and you’ll also be supporting entrepreneurship at LBS.


PS: The list isn’t exhaustive so feel free to share more names.

PS2: I hosted the list on my blog as it was the best way I found to control the formatting and make sure that it shows up well on any device.