Fintech: The Next Target Is Asset Management

In this study of the asset management’ industry and of the FinTech disruption, I’ll share with you the impact that digital transformation has had and will have.

1- Digital transformation started 30 years ago
2- But the tools allowing for its boom only appear nowadays
3- This does not make life easy for incumbents
4- The new tools are opening new channels and new segments
5- Thus brings new rules and new actors
6- Asset management will live its digital transformation
7- New players will challenge the incumbents
8- Staff skills will evolve

Writing Reports as Easily as a Digital Genius With Markdown

We all write reports, presentations, etc. … and all have our moments of despair in front of the time-consuming and often complex word processor.

The asset management industry is particularly prolix and tears its hair everyday in this situation.

In all industries, managers and executives suffer daily, especially when they get a writing assignment they cannot delegate!

But good news!

There is a handy tool to simplify the creation of a professional article!

Back to the Essence of Writing

This tool was created by developers who can devote even less time to writing than a CEO. I use this very interesting tool that brings us to the essence of the text input : the markdown.